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Troubled Soul

From my veins the blood flows

Through my racing heart reminding I’m still here. 

Deep down I make a prayer

The same I’ve been making all these years 

hoping to wake up to days of no blood

The same my mother made watching her son give his last breathe. 

The one my forefathers made watching them seize their brothers to the land they knew nothing of 

We heard, they were maimed and chained and killed…memories disturbing 

We heard, sharks tailed slave ships crossing the Atlantic ocean feeding on bodies thrown overboard

We heard mother’s were forced to kill their babies so they don’t grow to that same pain

We heard the next decade wasn’t better. 

And here we are

A long journey of trying to heal broken pieces 

Yet we are recycling the wrongs and giving them new names. 

Once slaves begging to be free

And then the ruled hoping to outgrow 

But when it came our time to lead,

We took all things we said we hate and created the very monster we tried to kill

Loose tongues sending others to graves

Fast fingers sending messages of pain… 

Mindless acts, 

Careless souls

Where is your love? 

It’s no longer a game of black and white but these chains we’ve chosen to embrace. 

Chains aren’t rusted metals hung around your hands 

They aren’t metal bars with thundering eyes, a commanding voice telling you when to eat cuz that’s the only meal you’ll get… 

Chains aren’t a lash to your back asking you to work even when it feels your next breathe will be last

These chains are you choosing to not see the evil your heart begets

It’s  you giving others names and watching them crumble in pain for no reason except that you both share different names

It’s you turning a deaf ear to the cries next door 

Erecting walls where people try to crush

Giving room for evil and war to thrive 

When a single word or action could turn all things around 

Why hug these chains? 

My heart bleeds

My soul wonders 

As I hope to see a smile without lines of pain forcing themselves within.

I hope to see people punch thier phones without fearing the next sad news to bring

To see children walk down the streets without picking bullets their way down this place

To help these little ones make childhood memories without trails of hate, and pain, and blood and death. 

I am a thirsty throat for a world without division

The bleeding pen crying for a new day

I am a child of light shunning darkness and all that comes with it

I am the voice of peace 

Breaking these walls ego made of us 

Rebuilding the strength buried in our blood 

I am a voice on mission 

A messenger to your soul 

Hoping you give life and peace another chance

The world needs peace

Peace needs you! 


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Twitter: https://twitter.com/NyanghaS

Nyangha Sandy (09/2022)

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