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Chapter 3: Peace-building through Art and Technology

Chapter three explores peacebuilding through art and technology, looking at how art and tech skills can be used to spread peace. Artivism combines the words “art” and “activism” and defines the use of art to make a political or social statement and raise awareness of inequality issues. 

Examples of art forms used to spread peace messages are films, spoken word, illustrations, and video games; specific examples of these art forms are provided in this chapter. Artivism can also happen in the form of events, explained further through #defyhatenow’s yearly celebration of the #peacejam. 

In this community-based event, people get together to share their ideas, visions, and hopes for a more peaceful future. Peace through technology is also outlined, with examples of how the hashtags #peacetech and #tech4peace can be used to spread ideas on how technology can help in the peacebuilding process. This chapter also gives examples of tech tools and resources used by #defyhatenow, such as #ASKnet, The Mungo and Makerspaces.

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