“For peacebuilding, we need dialogue and cohesion”

We asked Georgette Che, a gender activist and PhD student at the University of Dschang, to talk about the role of women in peacebuilding and what has to change.

“For peacebuilding, we need dialogue and cohesion. Women at all social levels can be peace builders. But we need a change in mindset. Stereotypical ideas about women must change. Instead, women need to occupy positions of authority in both government and private sectors.

This change must come at two levels: in the local villages and in higher government settings. Traditions that promote male dominance, while relegating women to background positions, should be disregarded.”

“But change must also come from women themselves. They must start believing in themselves. They must show themselves as problem solvers. Women should not shy away when given a chance to take the lead. They should also treat their daughters at home in a way that makes them feel as important as their brothers.“

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