Nyima Jadama – #IWD2024

What motivates individuals to champion the inclusion of women? For Nyima Jadama, a passionate women’s rights advocate based in Germany, her driving factor is the vision of a world where […]

Mali Martha Noel – #IWD2024

Women’s inclusion is a key component of equity.I envisage a future where the barriers for women’s access to education, leadership and all other forms of economic empowerment are broken,thus going a long way to steer peace and sustainable development in the society.

Lawong Kendra Yaah – #IWD2024

Firstly, I believe that all women should  have access to equal opportunities in education, employment, and political participation. Secondly, I believe that women’s voices should be heard and respected in decision-making processes at all levels, from the local to the global. Lastly, I believe that women should be free from violence and discrimination in all forms, and should be treated with respect and dignity. 

Ahadu Andualem – #IWD2024

What happens when your childhood dream is to enter the medical field, but you also aspire to be a future leader and public speaker? If you’re Ahadu Andualem, you pursue […]

Njodzeka Therese – #IWD2024

I am Njodzeka Therese, Finance coordinator for #defyhatenow Cameroon, my first reason for choosing this finance  field is career acceleration and significant growth opportunities. There is no structure that functions […]

Ahlam Bogale – #IWD2024

“Everyone deserves equal opportunities to pursue their passions and achieve their goals, regardless of gender or background. Witnessing women face challenges in certain careers fuels my commitment to promoting inclusivity.” […]

Chansiline Nanze – #IWD2024

Chansiline Nanze is a Cameroonian backpack journalist living with a mobility impairment. I touch a bit of everything that concerns journalists but my strength lies in sports and health reporting. […]

Badal Fohmoh – #IWD2024

 Je suis Badal Fohmoh, communicatrice de formation et blogueuse spécialisée dans le sport. Pourquoi principalement le sport ? Tout simplement parce que  j’ai manqué ma carrière de footballeuse professionnelle (rires). […]

Ajumane Francis – #IWD2024

I am Ajumane Francis, a freelance journalist and member of the Cameroon Association of English speaking Journalists, CAMASEJ. I chose to be a journalist because I wanted to be the […]

Balbine MANGA on Women in Peacebuilding

#defyhatenow_Cameroon had a brief chat with Barrister Balbine MANGA on the role of women in peacebuilding, and we hope you are as smitten with her as we were. Read on….