Hate Speech mitigation tools _The #defyhatenow Social Media Hate Speech Mitigation Field Guide

Whether online or offline, hate speech poses a threat to peace, democracy, and human rights. #defyhatenow is committed to countering the hate speech, conflict rhetoric, and incitement to violence spread on social media platforms and online in response to Cameroon’s Anglophone conflict. The second edition of the Field Guide offers tools and strategies to be used by community-based organisations and online campaigns for peacebuilding. This second version of the field guide incorporates more context from the lessons learned from implementing the project over two years. Each of the six chapters in the field guide covers a specific aspect of the conflict and peacebuilding process and acts as a base of action on media-induced hate speech awareness to tackle conflict, support media literacy and address issues of migration and displacement.

It is available in a free downloadable format on the #defyhatenow website and contains

The six chapters are;

  1. Social Media and Conflict
  2. Social Media Use and Fact-Checking
  3. Peacebuilding through Art and Technology
  4. Identity
  5. Mental Health, Trauma, and Healing
  6. Common Hate Speech Expressions in Cameroon 

To interact with the #defyhatenow Social Media Hate Speech Mitigation Field Guide resource kit please visit us here. Keep it here as we break down what each chapter contains.

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