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#defyhatenow Technical Peace-builder (Tech4Peace) Fellowship, cohort 1

Tech4Peace application poster. Application deadline is June 5th, 2024.

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The #defyhatenow initiative works at mobilizing civic action and digital action to counter hate speech and violent extremism online and offline. In an effort to provide data-based solutions, the initiative uses the #Tech4Peace programs as a problem-solving tool in conflict-hit zones.

Technical peace-building involves the application of technical expertise and knowledge to support peace-building efforts in conflict-affected areas. Using technology to bring peace to a community involves leveraging innovative tools and approaches to address  issues, foster dialogue, and promote social cohesion.

#defyhatenow believes that training students in using technology to build peace is a great way of bringing communities together since the internet has made the world a global village. As technical peacebuilders, fellows will be introduced and taught how to change narratives in a community through communication and information sharing, digital storytelling, and online education and training. This will allow technical students and professionals to support community action programs in conflict zones and enhance their involvement efforts.

Objective of the fellowship

The #Tech4Peace fellowship aims to build a network of technical peace builders by enabling recently graduated university students and young technical experts to engage with #defyhatenow communities through technical community outreach opportunities in design, tech development, AI and digital content creation, and hardware. 


The program is based on a blended learning model using webinars, practical lessons, peer-to-peer learning, and on-the-ground practical work in select hubs and with assigned community organizations.

Fellows will participate in four months of hands-on engagement, beginning with one month of digital peacebuilding, opposing disinformation, and combating hate speech.

Then spend another month of peer learning to improve technical skills.

After that, they will be assigned to matched community organizations for two months, where they will not only give their hard talents to the organization but will also learn about community engagement from the host.

During the two learning months, fellows will have access to the Hubs, where they will engage with peers, use hardware toolkits, and participate in online learning courses.


June, July, August & September 2024

timelines table with the activities and sprints arranged by months. An illustration of the methodology section above

Who can apply?

Recent graduates and professionals  who poses skills in either of the following areas and would like to engage by supporting community impact projects:

  • Creative & Graphics Design
  • Website development
  • AI & digital content creation.
  • Hardware design and development.


  • 17-22
  • 23-28
  • 29-40


Be located in or able to access either of the following regions:

  • North-West region
  • South-West region
  • Extreme North region
  • Centre region

The fellowship will involve partly physical engagement in either of our select hubs located in; Bamenda, Buea, Maroua, or Yaounde. 


  • Be available throughout the training
  • Understand English and French
  • Own a working smartphone and laptop
  • Be computer literate.

Apply here

 Selected applicants will be notified by email of their selection for the program by June 10th, 2024

About #defyhatenow Cameroon

#defyhatenow is an initiative that aims to provide community-based, data-driven solutions to the problem of hate speech, misinformation and fake news. Our work focuses on creating a framework for building trust among stakeholders by mobilising civic action against all forms of hate speech and incitement to violence. #defyhatenow seeks to help voices against online-induced conflict go ‘viral’ within and beyond affected regions by engaging youth, community leaders, grassroots organisations and other civil society actors in a framework of peace in media and information. Bridging the gaps in knowledge and awareness of social media mechanisms between those who have access to technology and those who do not. Finally, #defyhatenow is a growing network of online and offline peacekeepers.

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