Tirer les leçons des expériences passées liées aux menaces numériques notamment la désinformation et les discours haineux qui pèsent sur les élections en Afrique et au Cameroun, afin d’élaborer des orientations stratégiques fondées sur des données probantes sur la manière de réagir plus efficacement lors des prochaines élections.


The multistakeholder meeting aims to draw lessons from past experience in identifying digital threats posed by mis-disinformation and hate speech to elections in Cameroon and Africa, in order to develop evidence-based strategic guidance on how to respond more effectively in future elections.

The Dawn of AI and Efforts in Countering Disinformation through Fact Checking

The use of AI for hate speech regulation directly impacts freedom of expression, which raises concerns about the rule of law and in particular, notions of legality, legitimacy and proportionality. Relying on AI, even without human supervision, is a necessity when it comes to content that could never be ethically or legally justifiable, such as child abuse.

Africa Check Masterclass: Journalists & CSO Build Skills on Fatchecking

A total of 21 journalists from Yaounde, Bafoussam, Foumban and Douala were selected for the training in Yaounde on July 24-25, 2023. The session was organised by Africa’s first independent factchecking organisation, Africa Check with technical support from #defyhatenow, as member of Africa Facts Network. This collaboration falls in line with Africa Check’s leading role on the continent in building, developing and strengthening fact-checking organisations capacity by offering in-depth train-the-trainer programmes to strengthen African countries’ information ecosystems.

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