Empowering Fact-checking in South Sudan (EFiSS) Training - Cohort 3

Empowering Fact-checking in South Sudan (EFiSS) Training – Cohort 3

#defyhatenow South Sudan through its 211 Check project is inviting…
Rumour tracking trainees receive 50 smartphones

Rumour tracking trainees receive 50 smartphones 

At least 50 stakeholders have received smartphones from #defyhatenow…

Rapport sur le discours de haine

IntroductionCette semaine, les discours de haine sur la…

Rapport sur le Hate Speech

IntroductionEn prélude aux élections législatives qui…

This Award belongs to the entire #defyhatenow community, supporting our peacebuilding efforts in Cameroon”

Ngala Desmond, Cameroon Country Project Manager, responding…

Garoua-Boulai: Enhancing Community Resilence Against Hatespeech

The Region of the rising sun from 29 to 31 August will host a #defyhatenow activity within the framework of the implementation of #FIELDGUIDECameroon. 

Garoua-Boulai : Renforcer la résilience des communautés contre les discours de haine

La région du soleil levant accueillera du 29 au 31 août une activité réalisée par #defyhatenow dans le cadre de la mise en œuvre du #GUIDEPRATIQUECameroun

Peacebuilding & Social Cohesion: Imams Build Capacity for Community Outreach

Building on the success of the first training session in Bamenda,…

CFI Media & Development Forum: Global Response to Global Threats!

Over 300 delegates met in Paris, France for three days to discuss…

CAMP @18: Leveraging Effective Cross Cultural Communication in countering Hatespeech

For the third consecutive year, #defyhatenow is engaging members…

Uniting on Eradicating #HateSpeech Through Collective Efforts

Hate speech encourages a climate of violence and repression…

Driving Community Change in Violent Environment.  The Power of the Pen #PenNotGun 

#defyhatenow and its partner Civic Watch are resolute in mobilising online/offline community action to jointly call for the drop of weapons (guns) and immediate end to attacks on students, teachers and school administration for a peaceful and #HateFreeCameroon. 

#AFFCameroon 8e Cohorte :Renforcer les compétences des salles de rédaction et des plateformes de Réseaux Sociaux

Trente-et-un boursiers nouvellement sélectionnés se lancent dans une formation pratique de trois mois sur la vérification de l'information, les outils de recherche avancés et les programmes d'éducation aux médias.

#AFFCameroon Cohort 8: Enhancing Responsible Newsrooms & Social Media Platforms for a #HateFreeCameroon

Thirty-one newly selected Fellows embark on a three months long hands-on on information verification, advanced search tools and Media literacy programs.

Les Discours by PenBoy

The tongue has no boneBut it is the strongest, sometimes the fiercest part of a human body.From our communities to vast facebook, twitter and instagram streets,Our tongues sting with hate;Unconscious, sometimes consciousUnverified, carelessly uttered words intended to divide, hurt or kill.

#PeaceJam2023 : Le Cameroun se joint à la communauté mondiale pour célébrer la paix !

Un jamboree socioculturel et artistique sur place se tiendra…