The Letters of Peace #SelamLeEthiopia campaign seeks to collect heartfelt letters from individuals across Ethiopia and beyond, sharing their visions of peace, hope, and unity. Through the act of writing and sharing our stories, we aim to inspire positive change and foster a culture of peace and tolerance in our society.

Documentary: Breaking the silence

An emotional and heart-wrenching documentary, that sheds light on the harrowing experience of hate and prejudice faced by a young girl, who now resiliently braves the odds to confront the darkness of hatred after being trained in the AFF Cameroon cohort 8.

Lawong Kendra Yaah – #IWD2024

Firstly, I believe that all women should  have access to equal opportunities in education, employment, and political participation. Secondly, I believe that women’s voices should be heard and respected in decision-making processes at all levels, from the local to the global. Lastly, I believe that women should be free from violence and discrimination in all forms, and should be treated with respect and dignity. 

Empowering Cameroon: The Impact of the #defyhatenow Initiative in 2023

In recent years, the #defyhatenow initiative has emerged as a beacon of hope in the fight against hate speech and the promotion of peaceful dialogue in Cameroon. With its unwavering commitment to creating a #HateFreeCameroon, the initiative has achieved significant milestones in 2023.

#defyhatenow #ASKcamp Bamenda, 2023

The #ASKcamp – Access to Skills and Knowledge bootcamp is out to develop networks that sustainably connect people and address the challenges that their communities deal with in the face of conflict and instability.

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