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Documentary: Breaking the silence

Breaking the silence: A survivors journey against hate. An emotional and heart-wrenching documentary, that sheds light on the harrowing experience of hate and prejudice faced by a young girl, who now resiliently braves the odds to confront the darkness of hatred after being trained in the AFF Cameroon cohort 8.
This story, produced by Jabi Katy, challenges stereotypes and calls for a solidified stand in breaking the silence against hate and discrimination.

Here is our conversation with Jabi:

Why did you decide to create the documentary?
I chose to create the documentary because I’ve personally experienced the impact of hate speech. In our society, being raised by a single parent is often stigmatized. Growing up, I faced bullying and derogatory remarks like being called a bastard, and even witnessing my mother being called as a prostitute. Participating in the #defyhatenow fact-checking program inspired me to engage in media advocacy, and I found sharing my own story through a documentary to be the most effective approach.

What is the main message you want to convey through the documentary?
My primary message is the importance of creating a conducive environment for youth and children. Reflecting on my own experiences, I realized that we did not have the influence of social media or extensive television exposure at the time, but children still knew to use such hurtful language. They learn these behaviors from adults around them, including their parents. The words we speak about others, whether it’s about different tribes, races, or individuals, deeply impact how children perceive the world. It’s crucial to be mindful of our words and actions, as children absorb and interpret them, shaping their perspectives accordingly.

Any final thoughts you’d like to share?
I urge everyone to prioritize teaching and practicing love. By instilling love in our children and practicing it ourselves, we will be living our #defyhatenow values.

Jabi Katy is a journalist, documentary film maker and content creator from Cameroon who is enthusiastic about fighting social causes through the art of storytelling.
She is a breed of the cohort 8 of the African Fact checking Fellowship Cameroon cohort 8, organized by Defyhatenow and Civic watche Cameroon.

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