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Conference on Inclusive Approaches to Technology use in Peacebuilding for Cameroon – Africa Business Center Yaounde

 On 14 & 15, July 2022,  Association Civic Watch under the #defyhatenow project will be hosting a consultative discussion session with key stakeholders at Africa Business Center (Yaounde) on inclusive approaches to technology use in peacebuilding for Cameroon

Cameroon is experiencing three simultaneous security crises, namely Boko Haram attacks in the Far-North region which has now dwindled to sporadic but violent attacks, a spill-over from the crisis in the Central African Republic including refugee inflows from the eastern regions, and the Anglophone Conflict mostly centered in the North-West and South-West regions. These security risks are exacerbated by the looming disaster risks, of droughts, floods and civil tensions which appear most around political, social and economic discourse. These risks affect populations living in security and hazard prone areas, often leading to large-scale displacement, loss of lives and livelihoods. If not properly mitigated, these risks could undermine the country’s economic growth, political stability, and infrastructural development. As the country embarks on the implementation of its National Development Strategy 2020-2030, it is important to understand and mainstream technology backed interventions to aid early warning and early response (EWER). These interventions spur development and use of technology tools within the spectrum of actions for conflict prevention, management and resolution.

Objectives of the #EWER Conference

The two day workshop will seek to provide a platform to discuss successful technology solutions implemented and used by various stakeholders in Cameroon, including civil society organizations, social enterprises , alternative media agencies, government institutions and foreign missions. Given that, this discussion will specifically engage on among others :

  1. Mapping of existing early warning and response systems implementation to identify the gaps, lessons learnt, good practices and opportunities for resource mobilization
  2. Engagement on the impact of responses to conflicts and calamities to inform decision-making and spur effective intervention strategies.
  3. Handling Big Data for privacy and protection.   
  4. Contributing to the harmonization of technology use for social good among stakeholders.

The expected outcomes 

Through the summit sessions which will include panel presentations , plenary discussions and participant engagements, we aim to have  the following  outcomes from the conference;

  1. Create an exchange forum among grassroots, regional and national actors on technology backed conflict mitigation/prevention approaches.
  2. Policy recommendations for use and scaling up of technology backed initiatives. 

These outcomes will be achieved by Creating synergies among local, regional and national early warning and response initiatives, while lobbying for enhanced visibility and support from stakeholders.  As well as onboarding relevant response stakeholders.

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