Martha Lingong: “Women should occupy any space that is ‘occupiable’.”

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we asked Martha Lingong, founder of the African Industrious Ladies in Cameroon, to tell us their thoughts on women’s rights and peace building. Here is what she had to say: 


I think women should occupy any space that is “occupiable.”

In politics, the woman fits.

In business, the woman fits.

In religion, the woman fits.

In the classroom, the woman fits.

On the farm, the woman fits.

In the kitchen, the woman fits.

In the bedroom, the woman fits.

At home, the woman fits.

In any office, the woman fits.

What needs to change in our society is the mindset about women. 

The stigmatization, the intimidation, and the frustration women go through is a call for concern.

Women are great contributors and amazing catalysts to peace building in our communities. Women should be fully involved, represented, and equal opportunities given to them in all domains of society. 

Women’s voices should be heard and considered, their actions be given a chance, and applauded if we long for a peaceful society and a world comfortable for the entire human race.


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