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Ajumane Francis – #IWD2024

  1. Share a bit about what you do and why you chose that field?

I am Ajumane Francis, a freelance journalist and member of the Cameroon Association of English speaking Journalists, CAMASEJ. I chose to be a journalist because I wanted to be the voice of the society and amplify the voices of persons on the fringes.

  1. Have you experienced challenges in terms of including women in this field or giving them opportunities to build themselves better ? How are you overcoming these challenges?

I have worked a lot with young female journalists over the years and the challenge is most often convincing them to overcome their fears and dare on territories which they consider are exclusively for me. However, it is always a matter of time and when these young girls grow into their strides, they gain in experience and start to embrace challenges that come their way.

  1. What inspires you to advocate for women’s inclusion in your field ?

When you go to journalism schools, over 70 percent of students enrolled are girls. But the numbers don’t reflect on the field? Why? Why are there fewer women practising compared to the numbers enrolled? This is why we created the Camasej Yaounde Women’s hub to encourage more female journalists to dare and break barriers in their field and serve as an inspiration to the younger generation coming up.

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