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Mali Martha Noel – #IWD2024

Women’s inclusion is a key component of equity.I envisage a future where the barriers for women’s access to education, leadership and all other forms of economic empowerment are broken,thus going a long way to steer peace and sustainable development in the society. 

My name is Mali Martha Noel based in the North West region of Cameroon. I am a Peace and Conflicts transformation trainer, girls rights advocate and graphic designer. My years of service in the NGO space comes from a place of passion to create change and impact my community. Being a graphic designer was inspired by the  need to make ends meet even though it  is a field that is dominantly considered to be for men

Amidst all of my engagements, I have experienced challenges which I  term discriminatory with regards denial of leadership, participation and equal pay. As a graphic designer I cannot count how many times new clients slide into my inbox and call me “Sir” because of how professional my designs look. Also, some clients refuse to pay me what I am due for my designs  because they think I don’t have as much responsibilities as men and so I ought to do the job at a lower price.

Overcoming challenges of dis-inclusion has been about staying consistent with what I do and making progress that is evident and worth appreciating while educating people about the need to respect and give reverence to women’s art. 

Despite progress in recent years on women’s inclusion, women continue to face significant barriers in many areas, including the workplace, education, politics and much more. This does not only have negative effects on them but also on their families, communities, and society at large. If we must achieve the global goals, everyone should ensure that women’s inclusion is made an undeniable priority.

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