Documentary: Breaking the silence

An emotional and heart-wrenching documentary, that sheds light on the harrowing experience of hate and prejudice faced by a young girl, who now resiliently braves the odds to confront the darkness of hatred after being trained in the AFF Cameroon cohort 8.


Tirer les leçons des expériences passées liées aux menaces numériques notamment la désinformation et les discours haineux qui pèsent sur les élections en Afrique et au Cameroun, afin d’élaborer des orientations stratégiques fondées sur des données probantes sur la manière de réagir plus efficacement lors des prochaines élections.

Official statement on the killing of the journalist & #AFFCameroon Fellow Anye Ndeh Nsoh

The #defyhatenow community is devastated by the killing of journalist Anye Ndeh Nsoh, an
#AFFCameroon (Africa Fact-checking Fellowship Cameroon) Alumnus on May7,2023 in
Bamenda; NorthWest Region, Cameroon. Anye was a cohort 7 #AFFCameroon Fellow and
a #Media4Peace relay in the NorthWest. He was shot dead by a group of separatist forces
at Che Street around 9pm.

#AFFCameroon Welcomes 40 New Fellows!

Cohort 7 of our quarterly Africa Factchecking Fellowship groups journalists, bloggers and youth leaders based in the North West & South West Regions of Cameroon. CONTEXT & JUSTIFICATION For the […]