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Chansiline Nanze – #IWD2024

Chansiline Nanze is a Cameroonian backpack journalist living with a mobility impairment. I touch a bit of everything that concerns journalists but my strength lies in sports and health reporting. I am also a fact checker, a photographer, a graphic designer and an event host. 

Graphic designing is another form of communication and oftentimes it goes with journalism. I love journalism, it is my passion and will not pass by anything that will help me exercise the profession better. That was my major motivation for venturing into graphic designing. And once I set my mind on achieving something, I don’t look at whether it is reserved for men or for women. I just do it and make sure I do it well.

In Cameroon we can count the number of women who report sports. Talk less of women with disabilities who are into the field of sports Journalism. At the beginning, it was not easy bending into such a male dominated field where at times they belittle you for being “where you are not supposed to be.” But the reason why I chose that has kept me going – making a difference and silencing those who have doubts in women, particularly those with disabilities.

I believe so much in women with disabilities. We have a lot to offer if given the little push we need. I believe we can have a society where opportunities are distributed not because of gender but because of capabilities. Women have those capabilities.

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